I Knew You Were Trouble by Lauren Layne + Excerpt and Giveaway!

Tasty Book Tours are back with another Lauren Layne release, I Knew You Were Trouble, the fourth novel of her Oxford series, featuring an explosive 'enemies to lovers' romance. Stick around to read my review of this witty novel, get a chance to win an Audiobook CD set of the Oxford series and check out an exclusive excerpt!

I Knew You Were Trouble (Oxford #4)
by Lauren Layne
Published by Loveswept on June 13th, 2017
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

New York City’s hottest bachelors are stirring up trouble in this fun, flirty Oxford Novel, as a love triangle forces a feisty beauty to choose between winning back Mr. Right or giving in to Mr. Wrong.

Taylor Carr has it all—a sleek job in advertising, a stunning Manhattan apartment, and the perfect man to share it with: Bradley Calloway. Even after Bradley dumps her for a co-worker on move-in day, Taylor isn’t worried. She’ll get her man eventually. In the meantime, she needs a new roommate. Enter Nick Ballantine, career bartender, freelance writer—and longtime pain in Taylor’s ass. Sexy in a permanent five-o’clock-shadow kind of way, Nick knows how to push Taylor’s buttons, as if he could see right through to the real her.

Nick’s always trying to fix people, and nobody could use a good fixing more than Taylor. Sure, she’s gorgeous, with mesmerizing silver eyes, but it’s her vulnerability that kills him. Now that they’re shacking up together, the chemistry is out of control. Soon they’re putting every part of their two-bedroom apartment to good use. Then Taylor’s ex comes crawling back to her, and Nick figures she’ll jump at the chance to go back to her old life—unless he fights for the best thing that ever happened to him.

I’m pretty sure my love for Lauren Layne is already so obvious. It's no lie her name is spread out all over my blog. I’ve pretty much read all her books already, sorry not sorry. If we’re talking guilty pleasures, Lauren Layne’s romances are on my top five… next to nude matte lipsticks and cherry flavored candies.

We meet Taylor Carr, the no-nonsense newcomer into the Oxford family. While she's not exactly Ms. Ice Princess, she's not Ms. Congeniality either, especially upon meeting Nick Ballantine, who she can't help but butt heads with after every five seconds. Their dynamic is all blunt and snappy dialogue, surrounded by their explosive chemistry and their unapologetic desire to choke each other to death. Hah! Their romance borders on complicated, which funnily enough eases into a domestic phase as they become roommates after Taylor's boyfriend ditched her for an ex on 'moving in' day.

Lauren Layne is no doubt a star in writing enemies to lovers romances. I love how Taylor and Nick's relationship slowly evolved throughout the story. While there were periods of amusing snarky and witty banter and steamy flirting between the duo, this Oxford series author managed to weave in a few heartfelt moments. The more time they spend together, more layers are shed—especially with Taylor revealing a vulnerable and sensitive side behind her seemingly icy and sarcastic demeanor, a trait influenced by her by her Aunt Karen, the woman who raised her after she was orphaned as a youngster. Nick also reveals a glimpse of skeletons, despite his carefree and laid back lifestyle. He juggles at least three jobs—part-time Oxford writer/bartender/fiction thriller writer—which makes him seem not exactly into committing and settling down, but there's more to his cool attitude, because deep inside, he's a sweet and relationship type of guy. Despite his jabs at Taylor, he reveals a tender and understanding side during her inferior moments.

And while this book is being marketed as a love triangle, rest assured... it really isn't (if you're like me and not really into that sort of thing). Take it from a person who hates reading about love triangles, unless they're amazingly written.

Although the Stiletto girls don't make an appearance, meeting some of Oxford girls and guys, including Taylor's new-found friends Daisy, Brit and Hunter, was a blast. The characters were a total hoot, especially the way they tried to knock some sense into Taylor and Nick to finally get together! I'm not sure about this, but I'm guessing the next book would feature Brit and Hunter... right? Right???

In retrospect, I Knew You Were Trouble is a great addition to the Oxford series. It's a flirty, light-hearted read, mashed with the right amount of sexy scenes and angst. Taylor and Nick will definitely keep you entertained and wanting more. I definitely can't wait for more books by Lauren Layne!

Massive thanks to Loveswept for my ARC copy!

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Bradley froze when he saw her, and she was pretty sure she saw the urge to turn and run flicker across his face.

Again she felt a stab of disappointment. In him. And in herself for apparently having misread him. She’d thought he was better than this.

Bradley’s eyes moved between her and Nick, and though he didn’t look all that surprised at seeing them bickering, his gaze grew hard as he saw Nick’s hand on Taylor’s face.

Nick, naturally, took his sweet time removing it, and she resisted the urge to kick his shin.

“Morning, Bradley,” Taylor said, pleased that her voice sounded calm and friendly. As well it should. She’d had plenty of practice over the better part of a year pretending that she and Bradley were nothing more than colleagues.

Other than a few close friends who knew they were dating, they’d done a mostly decent job of hiding their romantic relationship from coworkers. Better than she and Nick had done hiding their antagonistic one.

“Hey, Taylor. Nick,” Bradley said.

He entered the room and reached for a coffee mug, turning his attention toward the other man. “Didn’t realize you’d taken on another assignment. What for?”

“Not sure,” Nick said, checking his watch. “Have a meeting with Cassidy in a few to find out.”

“Here’s hoping it’s an offsite gig that takes you far, far away. Maybe he needs someone to cover Siberian winters,” Taylor said to Nick, even as she watched Bradley out of the corner of her eye.

“Don’t need to travel to find severe winter. It doesn’t get any chillier than right here,” Nick retorted, waving his hand over her head in a storm cloud gesture.

She shoved his hand aside, her attention still on Bradley, who was determinedly avoiding her gaze.


It was going to be darn hard to get him to see reason when he wouldn’t even make eye contact.

Nick, ever too perceptive for his own good, noticed the tension and gave a quick look between her and Bradley, his gaze turning speculative.

She shot him a warning look that clearly said, Don’t.

He shot an answering smile that clearly said, Watch me.

“Bradley, don’t suppose you’re in the market for a roommate?” Nick asked, his voice deceptively casual.

Bradley’s head snapped up, and finally, finally his blue gaze collided with Taylor’s. Dammit. Why did he have to be so beautiful? He was like a mischievous angel, all twinkling blue eyes, dimples, a sexy cleft in his chin, dark blond wavy hair . . .

“What?” he asked Nick distractedly, still looking at Taylor.

“Taylor here wants to share her original crown molding with someone.”

Bradley winced, and Taylor felt a little surge of gratitude toward Nick. He couldn’t have known it, but it was the perfect jab. She and Bradley were both into prewar architecture—had eaten up the broker’s description of all the building’s original elements.

Taylor should be sharing that crown molding with Bradley. And he damn well knew it.

His eyes met hers in silent misery—an apology that she wasn’t quite ready to accept. Heck, she wasn’t even ready to acknowledge it, because she had no intention of being dumped. Not by him, not by any man.

Taylor ignored the guilt written all over Bradley’s face as she held his gaze. “Yes, it seems I unexpectedly have a free bedroom and more rent than I can afford. If either of you knows anyone looking for a roommate . . .”

Bradley’s handsome face twisted regretfully, and he set his coffee aside, taking a step toward her, apparently forgetting—or not caring—that Nick was still in the room.

“Taylor. Damn it. I told you—”

“Actually, I do,” Nick said, interrupting.

Taylor forced her gaze away from Bradley’s pleading face toward Nick’s smug one. “You know someone who needs a roommate?”

“Yup.” He crossed his arms and watched her.

She made an impatient gesture with her hand. “Who? It can’t be one of your ex-girlfriends—I don’t want to inadvertently hear any gross details about you. And not one of your frat-boy guy friends—my living room isn’t cut out for Call of Duty.”

“Yeah, because that’s all I do all day.”

She rolled her eyes. “Okay, for real, who is it?”

His grin was slow, sly, and the very definition of trouble. “Me.”




Lauren Layne is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen romantic comedies.

A former e-commerce and web marketing manager from Seattle, Lauren relocated to New York City in 2011 to pursue a full-time writing career.

She lives in midtown Manhattan with her high-school sweetheart, where she writes smart romantic comedies with just enough sexy-times to make your mother blush. In LL's ideal world, every stiletto-wearing, Kate Spade wielding woman would carry a Kindle stocked with Lauren Layne books.


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NA Quickies: Listen To Me, The Rule Book and Bossed.

Listen To Me (Fusion #1)
by Kristen Proby
Published on William Morrow on April 12th, 2016
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult

In New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby’s brand new series, five best friends open a hot new restaurant, but one of them gets much more than she bargained for when a sexy former rock star walks through the doors—and into her heart.

Seduction is quickly becoming the hottest new restaurant in Portland, and Addison Wade is proud to claim 1/5 of the credit. She’s determined to make it a success and can’t think of a better way to bring in new customers than live music. But when former rock star Jake Keller swaggers through the doors to apply for the weekend gig, she knows she’s in trouble. Addie instantly recognizes him—his posters were plastered all over her bedroom walls in high school—he’s all bad boy...exactly her type and exactly what she doesn’t need.

Jake Keller walked away from the limelight five years ago and yearns to return to what’s always driven him: the music. If he gets to work for a smart-mouthed, funny-as-hell bombshell, all the better. But talking Addie into giving him the job is far easier than persuading her that he wants more than a romp in her bed. Just when she begins to drop her walls, Jake’s past finally catches up with him.

Will Addie be torn apart once again or will Jake be able to convince her to drown out her doubts and listen to her heart?

This is my first Kristen Proby book and while it didn't blow me away, I enjoyed the plot of the series—a group of independent ladies that works together as owners of a successful chic bar. It's like Sex and The City, small town version. Listen To Me is Addison 'Addie' Wade's book, one of the five ladies who run Seduction. She meets ex-rockstar Jake Keller (formerly Jake Knox) after he auditions as a musical act for their sexy restaurant called Seduction.

Addie's character blew hot and cold to me. She seemed like a really naive girl and couldn't see that she was already being taken advantage of, especially with her ex-boyfriends who were mainly musicians. But she also had moments when she was too petty and got mad for the wrong reasons. Though, I'd have to admit, her fashionable and sassy self was a breath of fresh air. I adored Jake Keller. He was incredibly down to earth, hilarious and too charming for his own good. I love the fact that he had a colourful past during his days as a celebrity musician.

Their romance build up was something I'd enjoyed as well. Their relationship transpired from enemies to lovers.

The Seduction girls were such a breath of fresh air! Their dynamic made the story fun to read and they definitely play significant roles in the main character's lives.

All in all, Listen To Me was a good read, but it lacked substance. I would definitely continue the rest of the series though, because I'm definitely excited for Landon and Cami's book!

The Rule Book (The Rule Breakers #1)
Published by Entangled Embrace on May 9th, 2016
Starr Media Second-Assistant Survival Guide
1. Don't call your hot boss the antichrist to his face.
2. Don't stare at hot boss's, um, package or his full sleeve of tattoos. (No. Really. Stop!)
3. Don't get on the malicious first assistant's bad side.
4. Don't forget to memorize the 300-page employee manual.
5. If you value your cashmere, steer clear of boss’s dog.
6. Boss’s dimples are lust-inducing. Do. Not. Give. In.
7. “The elevator ate your clothes” is not a valid excuse for showing up to important meetings half dressed.
8. Don't break seven of the rules within the first week of employment if you, ya know, are in dire need of money to support your sick mom.
9. Whatever you do, don’t fall for the boss. See rule eight about sick mom.
10. Never forget the rules.

Jennifer Blackwood's books sound really promising but there's always something lacking, in execution, perhaps? I read the first book to her Dexler University series, Unethical, but I didn't enjoy it. Frankly speaking, The Rule Book wasn't very different. The boss-secretary romance trope is definitely a guilty pleasure, so to say I'm disappointed was an understatement.

Lainey Taylor, the new second assistant to Brogan Starr aka The Antichrist, wasn't exactly an appealing character, although she had a few funny antics. Her first meeting with Brogan was hilarious, because she had no idea she was talking sh*t about her new boss... to her actual new boss. It got me cracking up, and so did a few more times as the story progressed. Honestly, the humor was the only thing that got me going.  I didn't like that her character was a total doormat and she couldn't stick up for herself, especially with office bullying. I also couldn't relate to Brogan at all. He was too protective of his privacy to the point that it wasn't healthy, and his daddy issues were too much for my liking.

The Rule Book had so much potential, but it lacked proper execution and chemistry between the characters. Lainey and Brogan were so dull, and I couldn't even get in with the how the conflict was resolved. Everything happened so abruptly. I might check out the second book of this series, but it's definitely not something high on my agenda.

by Sloane Howell
Published by Loveswept on March 28th, 2017.
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
He’s the boss. But she’s ready to take charge.

In this provocative and sexy* office romance, a cheeky new hire tempts a hotshot sports agent to mix business with pleasure.

Jenny: Job interviews are a bitch under the best of circumstances, but when your potential boss is the world’s biggest prick, that’s when you should simply walk away. It’s just that I need this job so badly—and I’m mesmerized by Ethan Mason’s piercing gaze. Men like him aren’t supposed to exist in real life. But under the tailored suits and GQ looks, Ethan simmers with barely restrained ambition. And no matter how hard I work to fight the attraction, I’m going to get burned.

Ethan: You don’t become a top agent without learning how to close a deal. I always get what—or who—I want, by staying cool and in command. Then Jenny Jackson walks into my office with her lush curves and “screw you” attitude and blows away my intentions of keeping things professional. All I can think about is exploring the perfect body hidden beneath those conservative clothes or shutting her saucy mouth with one hot kiss. Jenny’s worth breaking the rules over—if I can convince her to break the rules for me.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author/publisher. This does not affect my opinion or views regarding the book whatsoever.

I picked up this book thinking I was in for something really good, but I was wrong. I wanted to like this book so bad, because like I said above, boss-secretary romances are just something I can't resist. But sad to say, this book was just blah

I couldn't connect with the characters at all. Jenny was supposed to be this fierce heroine who would definitely never take crap from anyone and Ethan should have been the sexy CEO who'd couldn't resist being challenged by Jenny... but everything went downhill when the whole story, including the characters, turned extremely juvenile. 

Let's not forget the writing too, because it slowly evolved into a he said-she said kind of narration, like bad fanfiction. Absolutely nothing in Bossed that bossed me to hold my interest. 

As my first Sloane Howell book that was an unfortunate flop, I might still give her other books a chance. Hopefully her other books won't lead me to another DNF.

The Thing About Love by Julie James + Exclusive Excerpt

The Thing About Love
by Julie James (Goodreads, Twitter, Website)
Published by Berkley on April 18th, 2017
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Two undercover FBI agents can hide who they are from everyone but each other in the latest novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Suddenly One Summer.

FBI agents Jessica Harlow and John Shepherd have a past. The former lawyer and cocky Army ranger clashed during their training at Quantico, gladly going their separate ways after graduating from the Academy. Six years later, the last thing either of them expects is to run into each other again–assigned to work as partners in a high-profile undercover sting.

For both of them, being paired with a former rival couldn’t come at a worse time. Recently divorced from a Hollywood producer and looking for a fresh start, Jessica is eager to prove herself at her new field office. And John is just one case away from his dream assignment to the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team. In order to nail a corrupt Florida politician, they’ll have to find a way to work as a team–a task that becomes even trickier when they’re forced to hole up at a romantic, beachfront resort as part of the investigation. Suddenly, the heat behind their nonstop sparring threatens to make the job a whole lot more complicated...

I received a review copy courtesy of the author/publisher. This does not affect my opinion or views regarding the book whatsoever.

Julie James has brought me back from the dead. Figuratively speaking. See, when I see a Julie James book, best believe, I would go the long mile just to get my hands on it. And lo behold, Berkley has been kind to grant me an ARC (thank you!) which I devoured in one sitting. I’ve been so obsessed with Julie James’ Attorney-FBI series and they’ve all made it to my favourites list! I can’t stress how much I adore this woman’s books—a perfect mix of action and romance!

I knew I was sold the moment I read the synopsis for James’ latest FBI romance, The Thing About Love. Ex-army turned FBI agent John Shepherd has been partnered with newly transferred agent Jessica Harlow in an undercover assignment, but the catch is these two have hated each other since their time at the Academy six years ago. Rivals turned FBI case partners? Academy arch enemies? Sounds like a ‘frenemies to lovers’ romance to me, so sign me the f*ck up! This trope is my absolute guilty pleasure. A secret obsession. And I’m definitely not sorry about it. Imagine all the sexual tension and witty banter as they try to push through with a professional relationship while working together!

John and Jessica would have to be my favourite characters and couple by Julie James. I loved the stark contrast between the two—John, big, burly and broody while Jessica stood pretty and sassy at five foot three—but both were incredibly strong, intelligent and kickass characters anybody wouldn’t want to mess with. Also, the sexual tension between these two is just off the charts hot! I loved how these two absolutely complemented each other. I enjoyed how John and Jessica slowly developed rapport through their daily trades of snarky barbs and their interchanging POVs, especially about how their time together at Quantico went down.

The only issue I had with this book was the information overload at the beginning. I thought there was a little too much of the FBI technical talk at the first few pages of the book, but the pace immediately picked up right after.

If you’re into books with a little mix of action and romance, Julie James’ books come highly recommended, especially The Thing About Love. It’s fast-paced and hilarious, not to mention cute, fluffy, hot and steamy! Also, it can be read as a standalone.

Massive thanks to Berkley for my ARC copy! 


Steeling himself, John turned around and smiled as Jessica approached. “Yes, Agent Harlow. How can I be of service?” 

In response to his dry tone, she threw him a glare so cold it could’ve frozen all nine circles of Dante’s Hell. Fittingly, just nine of the many places he would rather be than stuck working with her on this investigation.

 “Look, I’m not thrilled about this, either.” Keeping her voice low, she came to a stop next to him at the elevator bank. “I thought you were supposed to be on the Hostage Rescue Team already.”

“And I thought you were supposed to be in L.A.”

There was a quick flash in her eyes before she shrugged off his question. “Change of plans.” 

The elevator arrived at their floor, and they both stepped inside. She hit the button for the seventh floor, where the public corruption squad was located. Standing on the opposite side, he pressed the button for floor five. 

They faced off as the doors shut. She folded her arms across her chest and studied him with those crystalline blue eyes that could so cleverly mask her emotions. 

As he knew well.

“We’re going to have to figure this out,” she said. “We’re supposed to be business partners in this.”

Thank you, yes, being a professional, he was aware of that. He took a step closer. “It’s called “undercover” work, Harlow. If I can pretend to be a gun-buying, murder-for-hire thug, I think I can handle playing some rich investor-type who wants to skirt a few measly zoning laws.” Even a rich investor-type who was apparently masochistic enough to get in bed with the likes of her. Professionally-speaking.

“Measly zoning laws?” she repeated.

Ooh, now he’d gone and pissed her off. How nice it was, really, that they could pick up like this, right where they’d left off.

She drew in closer, tilting her head back to meet his gaze. He was over a foot taller than her, although he noticed that she was heightening a bit with those expensive-looking three-inch heels she wore.

“Our target in this investigation is the mayor of the thirteenth largest city in the United States. That’s a pretty big deal in my book.” She gestured to his facial scruff and hair. “And while I appreciate that this . . . Sons of Anarchy motif you’ve got going might ingratiate yourself with the gun-buying, murder-for-hire, organized-crime thugs of the world, that’s not quite going to fly with this sting operation.”

 “’Thirteenth largest city in the United States?’” he scoffed. “Just how many hours did you spend reviewing the case files last night?” 

She smiled sweetly as the elevator arrived at her floor. “Enough to get the jump on you.” 

Then the doors sprang open, and she gave him a friendly wave, once again stepping into the role of Ms. Congeniality. “So glad we got to catch up like this, Agent Shepherd. We’ll talk again soon.”

He watched her stride confidently down the hallway as the elevator doors closed between them. 
Enough to get the jump on you.

Not for long, sweetheart.

Time for him to get cracking on that case file.

Twist by Kylie Scott

Twist (Dive Bar #2)
by Kylie Scott (Goodreads, Twitter, Website)
Published by Pan Macmillan on April 11th 2017
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Amazon | Barnes & Noble 

From New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott comes the second sizzling stand-alone novel in the Dive Bar series!

When his younger brother loses interest in online dating, hot bearded bartender Joe Collins only intends to log into his account and shut it down. Until he reads about her.

Alex Parks is funny, fascinating, and pretty much everything he's been looking for in a woman—except that she lives across the country. Soon they're emailing up a storm and telling each other their deepest, darkest secrets...except the one that really matters.

When Alex pays Joe a surprise visit, however, they both discover that when it comes to love, it's always better with a twist.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author/publisher. This does not affect my opinion or views regarding the book whatsoever.

The Stage Dive boys will forever have a special place in my heart, but it’s definitely time for them to step aside because Kylie Scott has moved from sexy and jaw-dropping rockstars to hot and gritty bartenders of the Dive Bar in Coeur D'Alene.

Upon arriving in Coeur D'Alene unannounced, Seattle girl Alex Parks is in for the surprise of her life once she finds out her long-time online pen pal isn’t the person who she expected him to be. He isn’t Eric Collins, the guy with the charming smile from the dating website, but rather, his older brother, Joe Collins, bartender for the Dive Bar and the total opposite of his little brother. Once Alex finds out, she’s furious with her attraction towards ‘Eric’ flushed down the drain. But while Joe tries to convince Alex that he meant no harm and only wanted a friend, things start to get really complicated after new feelings begin to ignite between the duo.

Twist, by far, is my favourite of the Dive Bar series. Joe and Alex have nearly managed to knock out Jimmy and Lena (Lead) from the top spot by a slight margin (these two will always have a special space in my heart). Alex’s character is refreshing. She’s sarcastic and snarky but does showcase a vulnerable side when she's often anxious about taking a step forward to a different direction in life. On the other hand, Joe is such a complicated character, but it wasn't hard to relate to him. He's the kind of guy who feels responsible for everything around him. While he's got the makings of an alpha male, he's a total giver and would drop everything in a heartbeat for family and friends. I can't stress how much I adored Joe's character. He's a sweetheart and a gentleman--the total package!

The romance between Joe and Alex was unique on my part, with Alex being a commitment-phobe when it comes to relationships. I love that it doesn't go with the 'romance norm' where it's usually the guys that sport that kind of attitude when it comes to relationships. I enjoyed how Alex and Joe's relationship developed through the course of the novel. Friends to lovers romances are my guilty pleasure.

Can we also applaud Kylie Scott for adding a trans character? YES! Alex's best friend, Valerie, formerly Vincent, would have to be my most favourite character in Twist. She's a total hoot and also plays a major role in Alex's life! Also, the novel wouldn't be complete without KS' dropping short side stories of other characters in the Dive Bar gang. Spoiler, the Stage Dive boys do make an appearance!

Kylie Scott’s writing has grown tremendously over the years, with every book she’s ever released and I’ve made it a point never to miss a single one. She never disappoints. All in All, Twist is an incredibly addicting read, with the perfect balance of humour, romance, and raw angst, that will keep you captivated with every turn of a page. If you haven't tried anything by this author and you're into romance reads, I'd hate to say this but you're definitely missing out--and we all know that's not a good thing.

Massive thanks to Pan Macmillan Australia for my ARC copy!

Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Happy Book Birthday to Lauren Layne's new romcom baby, Walk of Shame, her fourth book from her Love Unexpectedly series! Tasty Book Tours have brought you a release blast, featuring my review, an exclusive excerpt and a chance to win a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC!

Walk of Shame
by Lauren Layne
Published by Loveswept on April 18th, 2017
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult

Sparks fly between a misunderstood New York socialite and a cynical divorce lawyer in this lively standalone rom-com from the USA Today bestselling author of Blurred Lines and Love Story.

Pampered heiress Georgianna Watkins has a party-girl image to maintain, but all the shopping and clubbing is starting to feel a little bit hollow—and a whole lot lonely. Though Georgie would never admit it, the highlights of her week are the mornings when she comes home at the same time as her uptight, workaholic neighbor is leaving to hit the gym and put in a long day at the office. Teasing him is the most fun Georgie’s had in years—and the fuel for all her naughtiest daydreams.

Celebrity divorce attorney Andrew Mulroney doesn’t have much time for women, especially spoiled tabloid princesses who spend more time on Page Six than at an actual job. Although Georgie’s drop-dead gorgeous, she’s also everything Andrew resents: the type of girl who inherited her penthouse instead of earning it. But after Andrew caps one of their predawn sparring sessions with a surprise kiss—a kiss that’s caught on camera—all of Manhattan is gossiping about whether they’re a real couple. And nobody’s more surprised than Andrew to find that the answer just might be yes.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author/publisher. This does not affect my opinion or views regarding the book whatsoever.

The romance comedy queen has done it again! Lauren Layne brings you an ‘opposites attract’ and ‘frenemies to lovers’ romcom featuring a carefree socialite and a jaded divorce attorney in Walk of Shame. Think Enchanted with a mix of Sex and the City—minus the evil queen, sidekick rodents and singing birds bit, because, really. This book made my cheeks hurt from all the grinning because this book would have to be her cutest to date!

Georgiana ‘Georgie’ Watkins might be a rich party girl, but she isn’t your stereotypical socialite. She’s an absolute sweetheart to everyone she knows. All except for her neighbor, Andrew Mulroney, the stoic divorce attorney who lives his life in a routine, which goes against every spontaneous bone in Georgie’s body. Add in the fact that he refuses to call her by her nickname and that he looks at her like she’s the most ‘ridiculous’ thing on the face of the earth.

I can’t express how much I love Georgie and Andrew. So far, these two are my favorite Lauren Layne couple yet. Although Georgie’s lifestyle differed from the typical heroine, she’s not hard to relate to. Despite being an heiress, this cupcake is definitely no spoiled brat. She’s charming, warm-hearted and absolutely lovable, and no doubt you’d surely want to be her best friend. Warming up to Andrew’s character wasn’t easy. He’s a tough nut to crack, and clearly, he's got issues. Think a more cynic version of Patrick Dempsey's character in Enchanted. He's aloof, stoic and adorably awkward when it comes to dealing with Georgie, which often leads to their daily 5 am sarcastic jabs and teasing at the lobby.

Lauren Layne's writing keeps getting better with every book she releases. I adored the romance in this novel, particularly the slow burn between Georgie and Andrew, coupled with hilarious witty banter. I can't stress how much I enjoy Layne's style when it comes to writing slow burn romances and Walk of Shame definitely takes the cake. The only problem I had with this novel was how their problems were resolved nearly a little too quickly.

If you're looking for a quick romcom read, Walk of Shame is the right novel for you. It's sexy, hilarious and has the right amount of angst—everything I look for in a romance! Perfect for fans of Julie James, Jessica Lemmon and Lauren Blakely!

Massive thanks to Loveswept for my ARC copy!


And who is he, you ask?

Andrew Mulroney, Esquire.

I know this because we moved into the building on the exact same day, and right before we got into a horrendous fight over whose movers should have access to the building loading dock first, he handed me his business card.

The thick white card stock declared that he had a fancy law degree to go along with the fancy suit he was wearing on a Saturday.

Andrew handed it over with such superiority, I actually wished for a half second that I had a business card of my own that would somehow be better than his. Like, lined with gold or something. No, platinum. With a diamond in the corner. It would be too heavy for him to hold, and he’d drop it, thus having to kneel at my feet to pick it up.

But then I realized it was just as well that I didn’t have a business card.

Because it would say . . . what? Georgie Watkins, professional party girl?

Anyway, I digress. Despite the high temps of that swampy July morning, the encounter had been the start of an epic cold war.

Me, the socialite in apartment 86A against the uptight esquire in apartment 79B.

I’m not entirely sure I’m winning the war, but I’ll never tell him that.

I let my gaze drift over Andrew, even though his appearance rarely holds any surprises. The man’s a lesson in sameness, like some sort of anal-retentive version of Groundhog Day.

There’s always the black mug with some healthy gunk inside held in his right hand, Tom Ford briefcase and Armani garment bag in his left, containing what I know to be a perfectly tailored three-piece suit.

Andrew’s coppery hair is perfectly styled, although I’d swear that there’s some natural curl in there threatening to disrupt his perfect order. I imagine that annoys him, so it therefore makes me happy.

Let’s see, what else about my nemesis?

He’s got a hard, unfriendly jawline that’s perfectly shaven.

Dark brown eyes, cold and flat. Black gym bag over one shoulder.

I suppose you could say he changes up his attire, because he does alternate between black and gray gym shirts. But considering that they seem to be the exact same fit, both colors molding perfectly to his impressively sculpted upper body, we’re not giving him any points for variety there.

Same goes for the lower half. The black shorts worn in summer have given way to sleek black sweatpants now that October’s upon us, but they’re both black and Nike, so we’ll give him no credit for changing it up there either.

The shoes, though . . .

I do a double take.

Well, well, well . . .

Instead of the usual black gym shoes, the man’s shoes are red. I don’t know how I missed it before.

I drag my eyes back up his body with a grin, and he gives just the slightest roll of his eyes to indicate that he’s noticed my slow perusal and isn’t fazed in the least.

“You went shopping, Dorothy!” I say happily.

He stares at me. “I don’t shop.”

Of course not. Far too frivolous.

“No, that makes sense,” I say, pointing at his feet. “Glinda would have given these to you.”

Andrew looks down at his Rolex watch. “I’ve got to go. Have a good day, Mr. Ramirez.”

“You too, Mr. Mulroney,” Ramon says with a deferential nod. “Enjoy your workout.”

“Yes, do,” I say, turning and watching as Andrew moves toward the front door of our building. “What’s on the schedule today? Treadmill, or just skipping down the Yellow Brick Road?”

Andrew Mulroney, Esquire, doesn’t respond. He doesn’t even turn before pushing through the revolving doors and stepping out into the still-dark autumn morning.

Now come on. Tell me that wasn’t at least a little bit fun, despite the ungodly hour.



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Lauren Layne is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen romantic comedies.

A former e-commerce and web marketing manager from Seattle, Lauren relocated to New York City in 2011 to pursue a full-time writing career.

She lives in midtown Manhattan with her high-school sweetheart, where she writes smart romantic comedies with just enough sexy-times to make your mother blush. In LL's ideal world, every stiletto-wearing, Kate Spade wielding woman would carry a Kindle stocked with Lauren Layne books.


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Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

Royally Screwed (Royally #1)
by Emma Chase (Goodreads, Twitter, Website)
Published by EverAfter Romance on October 18th, 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Humor
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Book Depository

Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook, Crowned Prince of Wessco, aka His Royal Hotness, is wickedly charming, devastatingly handsome, and unabashedly arrogant; hard not to be when people are constantly bowing down to you.

Then, one snowy night in Manhattan, the prince meets a dark haired beauty who doesn't bow down. Instead, she throws a pie in his face.

Nicholas wants to find out if she tastes as good as her pie, and this heir apparent is used to getting what he wants.

Dating a prince isn't what waitress Olivia Hammond ever imagined it would be.

There's a disapproving queen, a wildly inappropriate spare heir, relentless paparazzi, and brutal public scrutiny. While they've traded in horse drawn carriages for Rolls Royces, and haven't chopped anyone's head off lately, the royals are far from accepting of this commoner.

But to Olivia, Nicholas is worth it.

Nicholas grew up with the whole world watching, and now Marriage Watch is in full force. In the end, Nicholas has to decide who he is and, more importantly, who he wants to be: a King... or the man who gets to love Olivia forever.

I'M BACK FROM THE BLOGGING DEAD, Y'ALL! Figuratively. Hah! I'm so glad I finally got back my mojo to write reviews again and I'm really hoping this continues especially with all these awesome upcoming releases!

Emma Chase is turning into one of my favorite NA authors even though I’ve only read a few of her books. So far, Tangled is still her best yet. That book definitely set the bar real high, but Royally Screwed almost reached the top… Keyword: almost.

Emma Chase brings us a touching, swoon worthy and hilarious fairytale romance in Royally Screwed. Think modern day Cinderella. We’ve got Prince Nicholas Pembrook taking an interest in ordinary waitress Olivia Hammond who works nine to five, selling pies in her family cafĂ©. A little push and pull, witty banter and sexual tension, then bam. Hot. Steamy. Sex. And weeks of pure bliss. But there’s a catch—Prince Nicholas needs to marry a fellow blue blood after six months then produce an heir. How’s that going to work for our Prince Charming and Cinderella?

The characters, although a little over the top, are realistic and captivating. Royally Screwed is written in Nicholas and Olivia’s interchanging POVs, but I definitely loved reading from Nicholas’ POV more. Chase writes the best male POV chapters. She definitely has the conceited-asshole-but-has-a-mushy-heart hero voice on point. Despite being a prince, Nicholas is absolutely brash, arrogant and a dirty talking sex-on-a-stick hero with a British accent, especially when it comes to Olivia. He’s sweet and charming, but he’s got his crass moments. I love how relatable Olivia’s personality is. She’s sassy, kind, down to earth and absolutely independent.

The romance in Royally Screwed is straight up swoony, steamy, sexy with a little bit of angst—everything I expect in an Emma Chase novel! I enjoyed Nicholas and Olivia as their own characters but together, these two are just explosive and off the charts hot!

Let’s not forget the star of this series’ second installment, Royally Matched. We already get to know a lot about Prince Henry, the younger royal with the party boy lifestyle, but I’m certain there’s more to him than that. He’s a real hoot too, so I’m excited to read his story! The minor characters are also hilarious to read. I enjoyed Nicholas’ bodyguards and Olivia’s sister, Ellie. I’m so sure there’s going to be a book about her soon!

All in all, Royally Screwed is a hilarious and swoon-worthy read. But while I enjoyed Prince Nicholas, Drew from Tangled still takes the cake. It’s a fast-paced read and should you be going through a book slump, this book will definitely pull you back in. Recommended for fans of Lauren Blakely, Alice Clayton, and Penny Reid.