30 November 2014

Blogger's Note: Google+ Comments Disabled + CAPTCHA Disabled (UPDATED)

So a couple of weeks ago, I made the shift to use Google+ which I had a hard time trying to figure out, even up to now, but I'm kind of getting the hang of it. Along with the move, I decided to enable Google+ comments as well, which turned out to be great. The layout was awesome, and clicking on the commenter's name would link to their Google+ profile. I loved it, because of the easy access.

But then I realized that other bloggers from different platforms wouldn't be able to leave me a comment unless they use a google account as well, so I've decided to disable it... And the comments created through Google+ disappeared, which was really sucky, because I assumed they would still remain even if I reverted back to the old comment form box.

I wrote this post in case any of you guys would decide to look up your old comment and not find it, and assume I had deleted it, because I would not ever delete your comments. I love feedback and conversations, and I would definitely want to hear from you all. I would gladly appreciate it if you look up a post of mine, and leave a comment... in fact, not just on my blog, I encourage you all to do that in ever blog post you read. Bloggers love comments, because that would show that we're actually relatable (and undeniably awesome, lol). Kidding aside, feedback is important, and any comment you guys make I will surely respond.

P.S. I've also disabled CAPTCHA from my comment box, so you guys can freely comment away without stressing about how to prove if you're human or not, lol. I get the purpose of CAPTCHA is to avoid spam comments and such, but it gets really stressful too. The process is really simple which I read off Northern Belle Diaries

Have a happy Sunday, Mischievous Readers!


  1. Oh dear! I've been planning to shift to a different comment system as soon as Fangirling Misses gets a new look.....sad that I'll loose all my comments, but I'll still probably do it 'cause I agree, it does kinda suck that only peeps with google accs can comment :/

    1. It's sooo sucky, all the comments made through google+ disappeared. Fortunately for me, I haven't been using it for long so there hasn't been much comments made. If you do make the shift, it's going to remove all the comments. :o

  2. Hey, Blessie! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the Christmas Gift Guide tag. It's all about book recommendations for the holiday season.


    1. Thanks for the tag, Erin! This looks like a really great tag! I'm about to do it now :D


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