11 September 2014

BOOK REVIEW: 2B or Not 2B? by Stephanie Witter

Title: 2B or Not 2B?
Author: Stephanie Witter
Genre(s): Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
Publisher: Smashwords (eBook)
Date Published: June 25, 2014
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London Reed is in need of a dorm room close to campus. Byron Davis lives in Apartment 2B. She's definitely not interested and him, and he's not into her. As long as they don't mess with each other and stay out of each other's business, they'll be alright, right?

I've seen this book a couple of times already and a few of my friends recommended it to me, so I thought, why not check it out? The blurb seemed promising, about room mates falling for each other (Which I do think is kind of cute). However, this turned out to be one of the most frustrating reads I've ever come across. And it's not the good kind of frustration, mind you.

London Reed is basically the girl next door and has a mouth with absolutely no filter. In need of a dormitory real close to the campus, she comes across Byron Davis, an ex-military hunk, living in Apartment 2B and manages to convince him to be roommates despite his promiscuity.

At first, the story seemed to be going a little fine, with the light humorous banter between the duo and Byron's amusement with London's potty mouth and always ends up saying "You did not just say that," which started to become a lot more irritating further in, as if he's not a college student where there are tons of potty mouthed girls everywhere. But then, it started getting frustrating when these two characters started to become hypocritical tools with a lot of issues, especially London.

I felt like London's insecurity with her body was just a little too much in the story. There's the mention of overweight, large thighs and chubby arms in almost every corner of the book. I mean, hey, we get it. She's not a twig bitch. There's no need for the constant mention of her curvy figure. Another is her past love life she can never move on from. She hates her ex, Ryan for playing her, but she also can't get over him. (Perfectly normal, I get) Which is probably why she tells Byron that she's not the type who sleeps around for the sake of not getting hurt again, but she definitely gives a mean head. She's got the hots for Byron and vice versa, although her head says it's a bad idea because she definitely doesn't want to be his "replacement-until-the-booty-call-arrives", but then she hooks up with other guys to make Byron jealous. (How is that not booty call?)

Don't let me get started on Byron too. Definitely the most hypocritical tool ever. He likes her. But he still can't get rid of his promiscuity and keeps bringing in girls because London won't acknowledge the fact that sleeping together was not a mistake. Also the idea that he's military should have made him quite reserved, but surprisingly, he's a party animal which claims to be his getaway after what happened to him in Afghanistan. He's also got a possessive streak on him about London, with her whereabouts and the guys she hooks up with.

There are also tons of story points in this book that didn't get elaborated much, especially with London's past with Ryan. What exactly had he done to mess her up? The idea pointed out was a little vague and faintly hinted.

The only character I actually liked in this book was Macon. Not only does his name rhyme with bacon, but he's definitely the gay best friend anyone can ask for.

This book definitely needs a huge retouch, because I seriously believe the plot is very promising. It just needs a couple of changes and tons of editing. Although this doesn't mean that I won't check out more of Stephanie Witter's books, because her humor is what actually caught me. I'm looking forward to checking out her other books, and hopefully the next entry to this series.