17 September 2014

20 Things You Might Not Know About Me - Challenge Tag

So I got tagged by the awesome Tika from Fangirl Confessions to answer a couple of questions that will surely lead to y'all learning more "stuff" about me. I love reading memes like these too, make's room for interaction between the person behind the blog and the readers. 

So, time to answer the 20 questions! Here goes:

1. How tall are you? 

I'm 5'4... or something close to that. Hah!

2. Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?

My hidden talent would probably be cleaning up my oh so messy room in less than 2 minutes. Oh oh! And parking (I guess?)

3. What's your biggest blog-related pet peeve?

Well, I'm a bit of an Obsessive Compulsive and most of the time, I like my blog perfect. But I don't really have any pet peeves towards blogs, because I know the hard work everyone puts in their blogs. HOWEVER, I do dislike grammatical errors. But hey, if English isn't your first language (Like me), I'll understand... I guess?

4. What's your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?

Ohmygod, I so have a lot. I hate it when people pick their noses in public, like go excuse yourself or something. I also hate it when people chat me up and talk like "hey xup? how u? im gr8 tnx" -- Like what in the hell? Did you not learn proper sentence compositions in school? If you chat like that, seriously, don't even bother hitting me up. I also hate it when salespeople follow you around in their shops or boutiques or in department stores, like when you're trying to check on something, and they're like right next to you. Like seriously, girl, leave me in peace for a while and let me decide if I wanna buy this purse, okay? P.S. I'm not gonna steal it, so beat it.

5. What's your favorite song?

Oh gosh, I have a lot of these too! I love songs by Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Taylor Swift, John Mayer, The 1975, HAIM, The Neighbourhood, but my current obsessions are:

America's Suitehearts - Fall Out Boy (All Time Favorite)
This is Gospel - Panic! At the Disco (This one too!)
Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
Just a Dream - Nelly (This song is my jam!)
Black Widow - Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora
Girls - The 1975
Settle Down - The 1975
Sleeping With a Friend - Neon Trees
Stay With Me - Sam Smith
Anaconda - Nicki Minaj (I just can't with this song)

6. What's your favorite Etsy shop that isn't yours?

I don't even know what an Etsy shop is. 

7. What's your favorite way to spend your free time when you're alone?

I'm either on the internet most of the time, or reading a book, or trying to watch an episode from a series, while playing Tiny Tower Vegas and Disco Zoo (You guys, it's the best thing ever!). If I get in the mood, I'd go over my desktop computer and play Sims 3 but that happens rarely. 

8. What's your favorite junk food?

Ruffles. Cheese flavored ruffles. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. *cries*

9. Do you have pet(s). If so, what kind and what are their names?

Ooh! I'm an animal lover, and I simply adore dogs and cats alike. I've got three dogs here. One is Mocha, a brown part mutt-Japanese spitz and she's the family guard dog. My personal babies are Blanche, a white mutt, and his and Mocha's not-so-little son, Scrappy. He's got his mom's fur color, just a little lighter than Mocha's brown. Oh, and I've also got a cat, that I adopted from my best friend's neighborhood. (Kitty used to be a stray) and we named him Mark. Now he's one of the luckiest cats, sleeping on beds and stuff. I googled about his breed, and it seems he's a mix of a Scottish fold. 

10. What are your favorite fiction and non-fiction books?

My all time favorite fiction book would be The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger and  The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and books by Chuck Palahniuk. I'm obsessed with his works. I also love books by Nalini Singh and John Green. 

I don't really read non-fiction, so I don't have any favorites.

11. What's your favorite beauty product?

I bought this nude matte lipstick from Elf and I'm so obsessed with it, I wear it all the time. And this blue mascara from Nichido. I put it on one time, and my best friend was like "Ohmygosh, your eyelashes are like a peacock's ass!" 

12. When were you last embarrassed? What happened?

I remember one time I was at the bookstore with my best friend, and we were at the notebooks section. Since they were going through a sale, the notebooks we're all piled up in the center. And I had this huge backpack on, and when I turned, it hit a pile and everything went tumbling down, we ran like crazy! 

13. If you could drink one beverage for the rest of your life besides water, what would it be?

Ohgosh, I'm really a water person. I don't drink soda or soft drinks. At all. The only thing I can stand is Iced Tea, but it's usually too cold, I barely finish it. 

14. What's your favorite movie?

My favorite movies of all time (That I can seriously quote from beginning to end, including the song numbers) would be Lion King I and II. Those two movies are my whole life. 

15. What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?

I was a mix of most of these. I was friends with the popular kids, and you could say that I was kind of well known in my old high school but I didn't really hang out completely with the popular kids. I wasn't a valedictorian, but I did get subject awards in school. I didn't work myself too hard to own the title. During school or class events, I'd be one of the planners and help out with the creatives, so I'm friends with a lot of the artists, and since I kinda am one too.  Although, overall, I'm really random. 

16. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

I'm torn between New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris. I love all these places, though I've only been to Paris and that was when we went to Disneyland when I was 4 years old. 

17. PC or Mac?

Mac is the most complicated crap ever. Even if it's so pretty and cool. I'll forever be a PC baby.

18. Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, bf/gf?

I'm not in a relationship as of now, and I'm actually not crushing on anyone too. And I barely remember any romantic gesture happening. Hah!

19. Favorite Celebrity?

Jennifer Lawrence and my husband, Joseph Morgan. *hearts all over*

20. What blogger do you secretly want to be bestfriends with?

I'm actually really good friends with a few already, starting from Tika of Fangirl Confessions, and I've been chatting up a couple of people like Jennie of A Bookworm Called Jennie, Mallory of Mallory BooksErin of The Hardcover Lover and the mysterious 'B' of The Fangirling Misses (I wanna get to know the other Misses too!)

If I could get to know more bloggers, that would be great. And since I adore adult romance so much, I would like to be friends with LKay of Dirty Girl Romance. She writes the best romance reviews too, especially with her constant use of GIFs. I seriously want to fangirl with her, and talk with no filter required. LOL.

Welp. I finally got finished! Thank you again, Tika for the nomination. Now, here comes the most stressful part: THE TAGGING. HAHAHA! So, I tag:

Mallory | Mallory Books

Enjoy, you cool babes. ;D


  1. So you know I'm going to forever say "Peacock's Ass" lol. I already knew we had alot in common, but there's so much more I didn't know! Girl, and why didn't you tell me you played The Sims ?! Do you not know how obsessed with this game I am? My old laptop broke so there goes my ability to to play Sims 4, maybe i'll just buy an external hard drive or something. I've actually heard so many good things about The Bell Jar, and it sounds like something I would love, so I def need to add that to my TBR. You had some really good answers, good job peacock ! :D

  2. I have all Sims 3 expansions! And I'm crying because Sims 4 is just so beautiful, I watched the gameplay on youtube and I couldn't handle the awesomeness. *heartbreaks* You gotta read The Bell Jar! It's so good!

  3. Scottish fold! How adorable XP Mysterious B *cracks up*

  4. I've got to do this soon. You and Tika nominated me, but it looks like it's going to take a while to do. lol

    1. When you do get the chance to do it, let me know once you've posted so I can check it out. ;D

  5. Lion King is a forever kind of movie. XD Also, the poor notebooks! But that must have been terribly embarrassing. If it were me, I'd probably run like hell too. Aaand, Jennifer Lawrence is practically the bomb. Great post - I love your answers!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I just randomly sing Lion King songs when I'm alone! Haha! Oh the notebooks were totally embarrassing, everyone turned to look! And then the sales ladies were giving us the stink eye after that. Jennifer Lawrence is everything! Feel free to do the challenge tag even if you're not nominated. ;D


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