11 August 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Sleeping with the Boss by Marissa Clarke

Sleeping With The Boss (Anderson Brothers #1)
by Marissa Clarke
Published by Entangled: Lovestruck on August 11th, 2014
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
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Seducing the enemy has never been so tempting…

For the last five years, bookish Claire Williams has been living for the dying. Now that her stint as caretaker is over, she’s off to see the world. She needs quick cash first, so a temp job at Anderson Auctions seems perfect, especially with the unexpected benefits, including the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes—or hands—on.

Former Marine William Anderson has been burned one time too many. His military training makes him the perfect man to flush out the spy undercutting his family business, but no amount of training can prepare him for the kind of undercover work he’ll have to do when the sexy new temp is implicated. Desire lands them in bed…but duty may cost him his heart. 

***ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing in exchange for honest review

This is a first time for me to read a book from the Entangled Lovestruck line, and I have to say... Sleeping with the Boss is a total fun read. It's cute, flirty and at the same time, oozing with sexiness and a little bit of suspense. Basically just makes me want to dance around to Taylor Swift (No, seriously. I really do!)

Now what would you do if you experience a couple of mishaps in front of your "boss" and it's not even eight yet? Claire Maddox is the perfect example. She's a sweetheart, adorable but awkward at first meetings because of her "Claire-isms", a term her best friend labelled for her epic awkward situations - like tearing up her skirt in front of her boss while reaching down to collect her scattered stuff in an elevator. I would seriously not even want to live anymore after a stunt like that. 

Now, Will Anderson, he's back to fix the company's security after being called in by the older brother about a spy in the office. And all evidence points to Claire. And as much as he wants Claire, he needs to find out if she's the spy or not. 

These two characters are just so adorable, I can't help but squeal. Claire is basically every girl in history: awkward and shy and somehow a lucky one to be noticed by the oh so sexy Will Anderson. On the other hand, Will is every girl's dream. The total package: looks, fortune and an absolute sweetheart. I'd totally kill to be taken to dinner on a cruise ship and a few days out on the Bahamas. Also, his conviction that Claire is not the spy, despite what his brothers tell him is astounding. 

But despite how cute this story is, I really do think everything was just so fast paced. The "falling in love" happened a little too quickly, especially from Claire. But then again, who wouldn't fall in love with this hunk after being brought to a private beach in the Bahamas for 24/7 sex? 

Also, I'd definitely would have been able to play a shot game every time Will said "I hadn't noticed". I would have gotten drunk. 

If you're looking for some giggles mixed with sexy times and the right amount of suspense, this contemporary romance novel is for you. And the fact that it's a first of a series too. I'm excited for the other Anderson Brothers.