18 August 2014

BOOK REVIEW - Racing the Hunter's Moon (Under The Hood #3) by Sally Clements

Author: Sally Clements
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication Date: August 18, 2014

My Rating:

***ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing in exchange for honest review

Oh Bliss Imprints. I just love them. Racing the Hunter's Moon is basically marshmallows and cotton candies with a tiny bit of spice in a book. Everything is just so cute and adorable, from the story to the characters. This is the first Sally Clements book I've read. Haven't read the first two books of the Under the Hood series yet, but this book can work as a stand alone, although it would be better to read more of Ms. Clements' works. 

The Under the Hood series features three gorgeous mechanic sweethearts, and this third book features the feisty mechanic Betty Smith and the Oh-So-Sexy FBI agent-slash-Carpenter Joe Carter. When Betty thinks she's finally gonna catch the man who conned her mother a few years ago red handed, Joe Carter wiggles into her life, cutting her off when she thinks she's finally got the chance. But Joe's on a mission to get that conman in jail and he's not gonna let Betty get in his way, but it seems she's never gonna drop it. 

Betty and Joe are one of the most adorable couples I've read. Right from the start, they're just made for each other. Betty's not just a mechanic, but she's also a feisty detective wannabe. She's also annoyingly cute, quite naive and a somehow a wee bit obvious and exaggerated. Reading about Betty made me just want to face palm at her cuteness. Like "You're so cute, I just want to smother you with-GAHHH" kind of reaction. And Joe, oh sweet sweet Joe. He's a passionate character, definitely does not forget that he's not just an FBI agent, but also a human; a person. HE BUILDS! Yes, he's a carpenter. And that's not the only fact that made me like him. It was also his drive to get the bad guy in jail even after his major slip up prior to this mission. He's the guy who never gives up and can be very protective. Definitely the kind of guy who you'd want to take home to meet your mama. And these two characters are just meant to be equals.

The plot was not exactly overly appealing, but it did pretty well to blend with the purpose of the characters. A vintage car rally and catching a conman to put in jail. What kind of put me off was the ending. It ended up quite plain, unlike what I had expected. The "I love you's" were quick. Everything happened a little too fast, which originated from a charade between the two. 

But nonetheless, I still think this story was really cute. Although it seems that this is the last of the Under The Hood series... or not?

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