11 August 2014

BOOK REVIEW: No Rules by Starr Ambrose

No Rules (The Omega Group #1)
by Starr Ambrose
Published by Entangled: Edge on August 4th, 2014
Genres: Romance, Suspense
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
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Jess Maulier's estranged father was more than the quiet professor of linguistics he appeared to be – she is shocked to discover he was also an operative for a covert group that rescues hostages. Before he died he left Jess a vital clue to a rescue. Unfortunately, it's in the form of a children's story, and she has no idea what it means. Though she resents the close professional and personal relationship the handsome and dangerous Tyler Donovan had with her absentee father, she turns to him for help.

But Tyler doesn't know how to interpret the story, either. An attempt to decipher it takes them to Egypt, where danger ignites sparks between them. Tyler can't get involved, though—Professor Shikovski advised him never to risk emotional attachments—and Jess tempts him more than could ever be safe. No matter how enticing she is, he has to maintain his distance to preserve his focus. But only mutual trust can save them from encroaching danger.

***ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing in exchange for honest review

No Rules is an action packed romance novel that got me thrilled to the bone. 

It centers on Jess Maulier, the daughter of a recently murdered professor - or so she thinks he is. Her father is actually the founder of Omega group that rescues hostages. She's suddenly pulled into his world of action by Tyler Donovan, a member of the Omega Group along with the rest of the team members who strongly believe she has the clues to a current rescue mission and also to keep her safe. 

Jess is the type of girl that's a real sweetheart. In fact, she's an award winning author of children's books. But like every person, she's also a damaged individual. She's a paranoid freak, terrified, and had been depressed about her father's betrayal to the her when she was a young teen. Thus, her anger towards her father was something she carried even up to the day he was buried. But when her life was suddenly threatened, it was up to Tyler Donovan to step up and keep her safe. 

Contradictory to Jess's good girl personality, Tyler's dangerous, hard-edged and has a very domineering aura. He's the type of guy every girls mom asks their daughters to stay away from. Add up the fact that he's a field agent and definitely lives a life filled with violence and adrenaline. 

The plot is highly entertaining and very thrilling. Not only is it action packed, but it also oozes with mysteries. It's also highlighted the culture in Egypt, and being in a religiously Islamic country. Since I've never been to the country, I was intrigued by the way the country was defined, there were parts where I was in awe, and there were also parts when I felt a slight sense of terror, especially at the mention of tombs and pyramids. This book is just a big mystery waiting to be solved. But I was fascinated by how much research the author has made in order to make a story that has its right amount of history, culture and romance. It's like a very intense Scooby Doo episode! (God, I loved that show)

Although the book may seem quite discriminating, especially in highlighting the violence and terrorism happening in Middle Eastern countries, it is justified as the story progresses. 

Another thing to like about this story is the progression in the characters most especially Jess. 

At the beginning, Jess was a paranoid freak, terrified of trying new things and didn't trust easily. But she definitely has a thing for bad boys. Teehee. As the story progresses, she becomes very open to things, even at times her fear overrules, but she tries to overcome things for the sake of the safety of the hostages. And not only that, she had actually been a history freak in the first place, which had only been repressed because of her mother's doing. For me, Jess's character is definitely a female hero. She may not be physically able, unlike the badass female heroes that can do a triple somersault and fire a gun on bullseye without looking, but she was able to progress mentally and emotionally and that, for me, is very important. 

Now, here comes the bad news. I may have almost jumped out of my seat when reading this book, but when I got to the ending, I was slightly disappointed. What happened after all the action? I had so many questions that weren't even answered at the end of the book. Why was her father killed? What was the exact motive behind her father's death and the kidnapping? Why did the kidnapper do it? 

I can't explain the disappointment I felt when I read through the ending. Sure, they did get together in the end, but I wanted to know more about the action that occurred. 

I can't wait to read the next book to the Omega Group series, I'm crossing my fingers for Avery's book.